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Re: .../lib/gcc/<triplet>/7.1.1/ vs. .../lib/gcc/<triplet>/7/

On 06.01.2017 13:48, Jakub Jelinek wrote:
> Hi!
> SUSE and some other distros use a hack that omits the minor and patchlevel
> versions from the directory layout, just uses the major number, it is very
> uncommon to have more than one compiler for the same major number installed
> in the same prefix now that major bumps every year and the distinction
> between minor and patchlevel is just the amount of bugfixes it got after
> the initial release.
> Dunno if the following is the latest version.

Looking at the variable naming it looks like these are taken from the
Debian/Ubuntu packages.  The latest version is

> The question is, do we want something like this upstream too, and
> unconditionally or based on a configure option (--enable-major-version-only
> ?) and in the latter case what the default should be.
> I must say I don't understand the cppbuiltin.c part in the patch,
> cppbuiltin.o: $(FULLVER)
> should already provide it with the full version.  And libjava bit is
> obviously no longer needed.

I didn't want to change the preprocessor defines. Maybe it's clearer to
s/BASEVER/FULLVER/ in cppbuiltin.c and just passing FULLVER to the build.

> If we apply the patch as is (sans those last two files?), the change would
> be unconditional, and we'd have to adjust maintainer scripts etc. so that
> if there is FULL-VER file, the full version is in there and needs to be
> bumped and BASE-VER is then just the major from that.  The patch doesn't
> seem to be complete though, e.g. gcc/ uses gcc_BASEVER
> var for plugins and expects it to be the full version.  Or do we want
> GCCPLUGIN_VERSION to be also solely the major version?

The patch predates the plugin, I should update it for the gccplugin as well.

> Another possibility for still unconditional change would be to sed
> the major out from BASE-VER in all the places that read it from BASE-VER
> file.  Files to look at are:

Some configure files use sed, some use gcc -dumpversion to construct gcc libdir.


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