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Re: Do we really need a CPP manual?

On 12/19/2016 07:17 PM, Joseph Myers wrote:

When BSI consulted on the ISO strategic plan consultation for 2016-2020 my
response said that all standards should be freely licensed (I said 'I
would like to see these points reflected in BSI's response to ISO. ...
Thus: the goal for ISO should be to "promote, disseminate, preserve and
protect its intellectual property in 2020" by making it all freely
available under Creative Commons or similar licenses, online in locations
that get readily indexed by search engines'),

Creative Commons NC licenses would be quite bad, in my opinion, particularly if ISO intends to extend these licenses to the programming interfaces expressed in the document. Unfortunately, Creative Commons as an umbrella term is next to useless because the licenses are so disparate.

(I have no idea what the prevailing legal opinion on reading CC-NC documents as part of your paid work is. The NC licenses have many conflicting interpretations/expectations around them.)


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