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Debian/Ubuntu test rebuilds using GCC 7 (r243559)

Here are the results of a first test rebuild of the Debian (amd64) and Ubuntu
(all architectures) archives.  The test was started with a GCC trunk around
20161202, and then build failures were retried later with r243559. I filed
around 10-15 issues for ICEs, the most of them already fixed on the trunk.

I'll be in vacation mode until January, so won't be able to do a further
analysis until next year, then hopefully with another rebuild using a recent

The build logs for the failing builds (but succeeding with GCC 6) can be found

These are the regressions identified from these two test rebuilds:

The build logs for the Debian amd64 test rebuild (done by Lucas Nussbaum) can be
found at

Grep the first file for "OK Failed" to get the packages that succeeded
in unstable but failed with gcc7.

Scanning these build logs there is a number of failures unrelated to GCC 7, like

 - gnat not yet updated, GCC 6/7 mix is failing

 - packages recording GCC versions in public include files, and failing
   the build on mismatch (annoying ...)

If people want to have a look ...

 - the GCC 7 packages for Debian can be found in the experimental distribution

 - for Ubuntu use the PPA (zesty 17.04)


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