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Re: GCC Subversion tree conflicts

On 8 December 2016 at 22:05, Ethin Probst wrote:
> As I do not know how to fix these other than to resolve them, I have
> done so,

You haven't resolved anything, all you've done is *tell* svn that you
resolved them, without actually doing so. The files still have
conflicts in, and all you've done is tell svn to ignore those

> and recommend that you run svn up after resolving these
> conflicts. I'm not specifically sure in what way these tree conflicts
> conflict within the SVN tree or how they have occurred. I am currently
> investigating if it was only on my machine that it happened or if it
> happens on all machines. I shall examine my SVN tree and notify you
> guys if anything comes up. I'm just notifying you in case one of you
> can fix the conflict before I discover the reason. I have no idea how
> this will affect the GCC compilation process. I'm about to find out
> though. Cheers, and wish me 'good luck', as I've figured out that GCC
> compilations on the latest SVN build tend to crash the compiler (or
> cause internal errors) when compiling the source code at random
> points! (Bug, anyone?)

These are conflicts between local changes in your copy of the code and
the repository, there's nothing wrong with  the repo.

You can discard all the local changes and get a clean tree by running
"svn revert -R ." at the top level of the source tree.

As for the crashes, nobody else is seeing that (such bugs get reported
and fixed very quickly). You might have faulty hardware, or the
changes in your copy of the code (that caused the conflicts) could be
causing the crashes.

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