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Question about PR preprocessor/60723

I am trying to understand the status of this bug and the patch
that fixes it.  It looks like a patch was submitted and checked
in for 5.0 to fix the problem reported and I see the new 
behavior caused by the patch in GCC 5.X compilers.  This behavior
caused a number of issues with configures and scripts that examined
preprocessed output as is mentioned in the bug report for PR 60723.
There was a later bug, 64864, complaining about the behavior and
that was closed as invalid.

But when I look at GCC 6.X or ToT compilers I do not see the same
behavior as 5.X.  Was this patch reverted or was a new patch submitted
that undid some of this patches behavior?  I couldn't find any revert or
new patch to replace the original one so I am not sure when or why
the code changed back after the 5.X releases.

Here is a test case that I am preprocessing with g++ -E:

#include <stdbool.h>
class foo {
	void operator= ( bool bit);
	operator bool() const;

GCC 5.4 breaks up the operator delcarations with line markers and GCC 6.2
does not.

Steve Ellcey

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