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Re: omp-low.c split

On Mon, Nov 14, 2016 at 09:45:49AM -0800, Cesar Philippidis wrote:
> What's the plan to split omp-low.c into multiple files? Right now,
> omp-low.c contains code to lower and expand OpenMP and OpenACC. At least
> for the OpenACC transforms, we made an effort to keep the changes in
> omp-low.c target-independent. Is goal to break omp-low.c into separate
> lowering, expansion and target/offloading-specific files?
> Is there a timeline for it? The major pending OpenACC changes involve
> the tile clause and routines. Most of the routine changes happen in the
> FEs, we do preform some error handling in omp-low.c.

We first need to have all the pending GCC 7 omp/oacc patches committed (and
reviewed if they haven't been yet).  That includes gomp-nvptx stuff
(approved), HSA stuff (I'll try to review tomorrow on Wed), OpenACC stuff
(the tile patchset is reviewed but will need small adjustments, the rest I
plan to review soon).
Only once all that is in, we can consider the splitting.


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