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Re: Question about codes in libgcc/crtstuff.c

Thanks. One more question, my current entry point of the program is
main, after which there is a call to __main to do the constructor
stuffs and register destructors. Without INVOKE__main, which point
should I define as the entry?


2016-11-04 11:06 GMT-04:00 Ian Lance Taylor <>:
> On Fri, Nov 4, 2016 at 7:55 AM, lei wang <> wrote:
>> In fact, I just want to find a practical way to make the crt work.
>> Currently, I did the following configure in my port:
>> include "elfos.h" in tm.h
>> define INVOKE__main
>> use default INIT_SECTION_OP
>> My port is working on a bare metal machine with newlib support. Seems
>> I fall into an spurious configure for compiling crtstuff.c. Could you
>> give me some guide to lead me back to common configuration of this?
> If you are using ELF, arrange for your startup code to execute the
> functions in the .init_array section.  If necessary, modify your
> linker script to define symbols around .init_array that your startup
> code can use to find the section.  Pass --enable-initfini-array when
> you run configure.  Don't define INVOKE__main.  Don't worry about
> Ian

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