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Fwd: Question about codes in libgcc/crtstuff.c

In fact, I just want to find a practical way to make the crt work.
Currently, I did the following configure in my port:

include "elfos.h" in tm.h
define INVOKE__main
use default INIT_SECTION_OP

My port is working on a bare metal machine with newlib support. Seems
I fall into an spurious configure for compiling crtstuff.c. Could you
give me some guide to lead me back to common configuration of this?


2016-11-04 10:33 GMT-04:00 Ian Lance Taylor <>:
> On Thu, Nov 3, 2016 at 7:20 PM, Lei Wang <> wrote:
>> The brief structure of libgcc/crtstuff.c is as follows:
>> #ifdef CRT_BEGIN
>> …
>> #elif defined(CRT_END)
>> ...
>> …
>> #  else
>> static void
>> __do_global_ctors_aux (void)    /* prologue goes in .text section */
>> {
>>   atexit (__do_global_dtors);
>> }                               /* epilogue and body go in .init section */
>> #endif  // OBJECT_FORMAT_ELF
>> #else // !CRT_BEGIN && !CRT_END
>> …
>> #endif
>> The __do_global_ctors_aux function shown above is static and without “used” attribute which result in optimizing out when compiled with optimization. This currently causes my port failed.
>> My understanding is that this function is supposed to be split into two parts: a prologue in .text section and the rest part in .init section. Meanwhile there is another symmetric function with the same name which is also split into two parts: an prologue in .init section and the rest part in .text section, which result in two identical copies of this function, one in .init section and the other in .text section.
>> Or is there any other purpose of this code?
> This code is all ridiculously complicated.  It's also not used on
> modern ELF systems, which use a .init_array section instead.  Tell us
> more about your port, and why you need to worry about this.
> Ian

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