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History of GCC

Hello everyone!

My name is Will Hawkins and I am a longtime user of gcc and admirer of
the project. I hope that this is the proper forum for the question I
am going to ask. If it isn't, please accept my apology and ignore me.

I am a real geek and I love the history behind open source projects.
I've found several good resources about the history of "famous" open
source projects and organizations (including, but definitely not
limited to, the very interesting Free as in Freedom 2.0).

Unfortunately there does not appear to be a good history of the
awesome and fundamental GCC project. I know that there is a page on
the wiki ( but that is really the
best that I can find.

Am I missing something? Are there good anecdotes about the history of
the development of GCC that you think I might find interesting? Any
pointers would be really great!

Thanks for taking the time to read my questions. Thanks in advance for
any information that you have to offer. I really appreciate everyone's
effort to make such a great compiler suite. It's only with such a
great compiler that all our other open source projects are able to

Thank you!

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