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Re: Who played with the GCC Bugzilla git repo?

Frédéric Buclin <> writes:

> Someone played with the GCC Bugzilla git repo last week with no real reason:
> Author: root <root@xxx>
> Date:   Fri Oct 7 15:28:43 2016 +0000
>     snap-data
> [...]

That was little old me, with the reason being to conserve local changes
with version control.

> Looks like the goal was to drop all CSS and JS files in data/assets/.

No, I believe there was some other sourceware-oriented customization in
there, but I forget the details.

> [...]  Moreover, this means that the GCC Bugzilla git repo is no
> longer in sync with the upstream Bugzilla git repo, because the one
> who played with git also committed my local changes (I didn't do it
> for a reason). I can no longer view my local changes, nor can I easily
> sync both repos with a fast-forward merge (I think). [...]

That's just a matter of tracking upstream bugzilla on one branch, and
the sourceware installation of bugzilla on another branch, and merging
from the former into the latter periodically.  I renamed "5.0" to
"5.0-sourceware", and recreated the "5.0" branch to assist this.

- FChE

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