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style convention: /*foo_p=*/ to annotate bool arguments

In a recent review Jason and I discussed the style convention
commonly followed in the C++ front end to annotate arguments
in calls to functions taking bool parameters with a comment
along the lines of

  foo (1, 2, /*bar_p=*/true);

I pointed out to Jason that in another code review, Jeff asked
to remove the same comment from the middle-end [1].  In the
interest of consistency Jason and I thought I should bring this
up for discussion so we can all be clear on whether or not this
is something worth standardizing and documenting.

As a separate question, in the same discussion I mention to Jason
a convention that I myself have found useful where the value of
a default argument is indicated in a comment in a function
definition that is declared elsewhere to take one, e.g., like so:

  // In some header:
  void foo (int, int, bool = -1);

  // In some .c file:
  void foo (int x, int y, bool bar_p /* = false */)

Jason thought this would be a good convention.  Is there any
interest in/support for adopting it?



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