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Successful bootstrap and install of gcc (GCC) 6.2.0 on hppa2.0-unknown-linux-gnu


Here's a report of a successful build and install of GCC:

$ gcc-6.2.0/config.guess

$ newcompiler/bin/gcc -v
Using built-in specs.
Target: hppa-unknown-linux-gnu
Configured with: ../gcc-6.2.0/configure --disable-nls --prefix=/home/aaro/gcctest/newcompiler --enable-languages=c,c++ --host=hppa-unknown-linux-gnu --build=hppa-unknown-linux-gnu --target=hppa-unknown-linux-gnu --with-system-zlib --with-sysroot=/
Thread model: posix
gcc version 6.2.0 (GCC) 

-- Build environment ----------------------------------------------------------

host:	  hp-c3700
distro:	  los.git rootfs=ff90d27 native=ff90d27
kernel:	  Linux 4.8.0-rc6-los_ff90d27
binutils: GNU binutils 2.27
make:	  GNU Make 4.1
libc:	  GNU C Library (GNU libc) stable release version 2.24
mpfr:	  3.1.3
gmp:	  60000

-- Time consumed --------------------------------------------------------------

configure:	real	0m 29.10s
		user	0m 11.35s
		sys	0m 8.79s

bootstrap:	real	20h 37m 11s
		user	19h 23m 13s
		sys	1h 0m 25s

install:	real	1m 35.50s
		user	0m 28.22s
		sys	0m 39.01s

-- Hardware details -----------------------------------------------------------

MemTotal: 2070828 kB

processor	: 0
cpu family	: PA-RISC 2.0
cpu		: PA8700 (PCX-W2)
cpu MHz		: 750.000000
capabilities	: os32 os64 iopdir_fdc nva_supported (0x07)
model		: 9000/785/C3700
model name	: Allegro W2
hversion	: 0x00005dc0
sversion	: 0x00000481
I-cache		: 768 KB
D-cache		: 1536 KB (WB, direct mapped)
ITLB entries	: 240
DTLB entries	: 240 - shared with ITLB
bogomips	: 1495.85
software id	: 2004755634


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