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Re: Converting to LRA (calling all maintainers)

On 09/16/2016 02:37 PM, Segher Boessenkool wrote:

Since a few days TARGET_LRA_P defaults to returning "true".  I changed
all in-tree ports to still behave the same as before, which for most
ports means they use old reload always.  All the primary platforms (see
the release criteria, <>) now
default to LRA though.

Since one day (hopefully not too very far in the future) we want to
deprecate and eventually remove old reload, all ports that do not want
to risk being removed should be adapted to work with LRA.  New ports
should use LRA always.

I started a wiki page at <>
that gives hints on how to go about moving to LRA.  Please add any and
all details and experiences you think can help others, there!

Thanks for listening to this public service announcement,
Under traps for the unwary -- LRA requires the target to not use the old cc0 condition code handling...

ANd yes, I see this as a way to deprecating those cc0 targets like the m68k :-)


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