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Re: Additional BOFs for the GNU Cauldron?

On Fri, Sep 02, 2016 at 11:19:54AM +0200, Richard Biener wrote:
> There seems to be plenty of slots available on the 2nd track to
> schedule additional BOFs.  So I'd gather if there is interest
> in discussing
>  A) Unit testing (GIMPLE FE, RTL FE, the existing unit-testing),
>     basically how people feel about moving forward here and how
>     this would affect the current testsuite structure
>  B) GIMPLE evolution.  With LTO early debug we could finally remove
>     some tree slack at some point in the compilation.  There is
>     also increasing need to somehow represent multiple outputs
>     from a GIMPLE stmt (we've used complex types as a workaround
>     in some cases) -- esp. if we would consider moving GIMPLE further
>     into the backend area by lowering it and for example performing
>     instruction selection on GIMPLE (we'd need to represent flag
>     registers, etc.)
>  C) Vectorizer.  There's no vectorizer specific talk yet, the usual
>     suspects would be an update from the we-rewrite-the-vectorizer
>     folks and ideas about how to improve cost modeling.
> If there's no strong interest in any of the above we can schedule
> stuf as needed at the Cauldron itself as well.

I'd be interested in all of them.


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