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Re: Weird behaviour with --target_board="unix{var1,var2}"

On 08/23/2016 10:54 AM, Jonathan Wakely wrote:

>> That's being set by prettyprinters.exp and xmethods.exp (so it's GDB's
>> fault! ;-) 


> This seems to work. I'll do some more testing and commit later today.


Though IME, save/restoring globals in a constant source of trouble,
for occasionally someone adds an early return that inadvertently
skips the restore.  Of course in gdb every test must be written
using custom .exp code, so we're more prone to being bitten.  Still...

The way we solve that on gdb systematically is with convenience
wrappers that handle the save/restore.  E.g. see:

 $ grep "proc with_" *
 gdb.exp:proc with_test_prefix { prefix body } {
 gdb.exp:proc with_gdb_prompt { prompt body } {
 gdb.exp:proc with_target_charset { target_charset body } {
 gdb.exp:proc with_spawn_id { spawn_id body } {
 gdb.exp:proc with_timeout_factor { factor body } {

In this particular case, I'd add a wrapper method to
libstdc++-v3/testsuite/lib/gdb-test.exp, such as:

# Like dg-runtest but keep the .exe around.  dg-test has an option for
# this but there is no way to pass it through dg-runtest.

proc gdb-dg-runtest {args} {
  global dg-interpreter-batch-mode
  set saved-dg-interpreter-batch-mode ${dg-interpreter-batch-mode}  
  set dg-interpreter-batch-mode 1

  eval dg-runtest $args

  set dg-interpreter-batch-mode ${saved-dg-interpreter-batch-mode}

And then use gdb-dg-runtest instead of dg-runtest in 
prettyprinters.exp and xmethods.exp.

(Maybe put even move more of the duplicate code around the
current dg-runtest calls to the wrapper, and then give the
wrapper named arguments.)

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