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Re: How do you emit RTL for a jump to a mem/symbol instead of an asm label?

On Sun, Aug 21, 2016 at 02:04:49PM -0500, Daniel Santos wrote:
> Thanks for the response! Perhaps an UNSPEC insn is needed here because I 
> have work to do on other passes too. For example, when the debug info is 
> created, it's giving the wrong location (on the stack) for where some 
> registers were saved.

Don't worry about this until you have the basics working.  It is fiddly
work but not really hard.

> But my primary question is about how to generate a jump at the end of 

You could have a look at the rs6000 patterns (in
"*return_and_restore_gpregs_<mode>_r11" and the function that creates
such patterns, "rs6000_emit_savres_rtx" in (rs6000.c).  This does a whole
bunch more than you need, but maybe you'll get the idea.  Some points:

- The pattern should describe all it does (restore what regs, etc.), not
  just the jump;
- You should set a JUMP_LABEL (to ret_rtx) on the jump, and it should _be_
  a jump_insn;
- You want a separate pattern in the machine description for this.



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