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Re: [GCC Steering Committee attention] [PING] [PING] [PING] libgomp: In OpenACC testing, cycle though $offload_targets, and by default only build for the offload target that we're actually going to test

Jeff Law <> writes:

>> We don't need to change the final approval step being from a
>> maintainer to be able to spread the workload.
> Amen.  There's a few folks doing this right now outside their areas of
> official maintainership and those comments are always very helpful to
> me.
> And note that someone who is making solid comments will be an obvious
> candidate for an expanded role :-)

FWIW, sometimes I think we could actually benefit from non global
maintainers reviewing patches.  Global maintainers are by definition,
very senior, and things that are obvious to them may not be so to the
public at large-- even to other compiler writers.  So a lot of non
obvious things creep in with no explanations whatsoever, or perhaps
coded in a non straightforward way because the global maintainers have
been around so long that HP_INIT_ARRAY_SECTION_ASM_OP and
ASM_OUTPUT_SPECIAL_POOL_ENTRY_P seem like a perfectly acceptable symbol
names ;-).

It's been said that one might be better be served by learning a new
skill by the second best, than by someone who's been doing it all his

That being said, I should probably be preaching to myself, since I haven't
reviewed a patch since the last millennium.


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