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Re: [GCC Steering Committee attention] [PING] [PING] [PING] libgomp: In OpenACC testing, cycle though $offload_targets, and by default only build for the offload target that we're actually going to test

I'm not going to reply to any specific points, but I do want to
comment that I've come to believe that e-mail based patch review is a
problem.  Unfortunately, I do not foresee the GCC maintainers moving
away from it.

I believe that Diego tried setting up an alternative patch review
system using Reitveld, but it did not catch on.

For Go development I have been using Gerrit, an instance hosted at
Google (  It's just a much better
way of doing patch review.  You can do line by line comments, you can
easily see the set of all patches and their state, you can assign the
patch review to specific people, you can easily commit the patch.  For
Go we have trybots, which can be used to build the toolchain with the
patch and run all the tests on a range of different architectures and
operating systems.

Gerrit is free software under the Apache license

It's not perfect: in particular, there is no offline code review.  But
overall it's just much much better than what we do today in GCC.

But the active maintainers are accustomed to the current system, and
it would be very hard to change.


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