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Re: [GCC Steering Committee attention] [PING] [PING] [PING] libgomp: In OpenACC testing, cycle though $offload_targets, and by default only build for the offload target that we're actually going to test

On 08/05/2016 06:10 AM, Jonathan Wakely wrote:
On 4 August 2016 at 21:12, Manuel López-Ibáñez wrote:
d) Delegate hierarchically. Module owners should seek and delegate to people
with svn-write powers and ask for reviews in exchange of reviews.

Advantages: No loss in quality, distribute work, creates an economy of

Disadvantages: More work required from module owners to keep track of
patches, reviews and possible reviewers. Possibly offset by not having to do
in-depth reviews themselves.

We don't need maintainers to delegate, people without approval rights
are perfectly welcome to do reviews. I certainly welcome that and wish
it happened a lot more.

If something in my review queue gets comments from someone else that
helps the reviewer (unless the commenter is just totally wrong or
talking rubbish, which happens very rarely) and it helps me. When I
come to do the review I know it's already been looked at by someone
else and passed a basic sanity check, and certain parts of the patch
might be brought to my attention by the other person's comments. Or if
the other commenter points out fatal flaws in the patch then it saves
me spending any time on it, and the patch author can try to address
the problems sooner.

The problem is that non-approvers *aren't* doing reviews today. We
should encourage that. Maybe bribing them with reviews in exchange for
reviews might work, but I'd like people to do reviews even if they
don't have anything of their own awaiting review. And I'd like someone
to do ten reviews, even if they only have one thing of their own
awaiting review.

We don't need to change the final approval step being from a
maintainer to be able to spread the workload.
Amen. There's a few folks doing this right now outside their areas of official maintainership and those comments are always very helpful to me.

And note that someone who is making solid comments will be an obvious candidate for an expanded role :-)


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