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Re: [GCC Steering Committee attention] [PING] [PING] [PING] libgomp: In OpenACC testing, cycle though $offload_targets, and by default only build for the offload target that we're actually going to test

Manuel Lpez-Ibñez <> writes:
> I don't see how that helps. Neither my message nor Thomas's is a
> criticism of people. The question is how to get more people to help
> and how to improve the situation. For sure, everybody is doing the
> best that they can with the time that they have.

You complained that there were no libiberty maintainers (there are two)
or build maintainers (there are many).  As I am listed as one of each of
those, this makes me wonder if there's no longer a need for such people
(we're involved so infrequently that nobody notices) or that I'm just
not able to put enough effort into it to be noticed (which may be true

Either way, this is a part of your "problem" that I can address
directly, so I'm doing so.

> This is a problem throughout GCC. We have a single C++ maintainer, a
> single part-time C maintainer, none? for libiberty, no regular
> maintainer for build machinery, and so on and so forth.

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