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Re: "error: static assertion failed: [...]"

"error: static assertion failed: [...]" (was: [GCC Wiki] Update of "DiagnosticsGuidelines" by MartinSebor)

Fwd:Consectetuer Ltd

[DOC, RFC] Partial integration of sections: 3.18.54 x86 Options and 6.31.32 x86 Function Attributes

[gcc-4.4] Re: arch/x86/events/intel/uncore_snbep.o: warning: objtool: snbep_uncore_msr_enable_event()+0x2e: function has unreachable instruction

Re: [gimplefe] hacking pass manager

Re: [gimplefe] Parsing PHI functions

[libiberty] does anyone use regex.c with REGEX_MALLOC?

[llvm-dev] LLVM Cauldron 2016 (Sep 8th, Hebden Bridge, UK) registration and call for papers now open

RE: [Patch 0,1a] Improving effectiveness and generality of autovectorization using unified representation.

RE: [RFC v2] MIPS ABI Extension for IEEE Std 754 Non-Compliant Interlinking

[RFC] lto partitioning of varpool_nodes for section anchors

Re: [RFC] Rationale for passing vectors by value in SIMD registers

[RFC][Draft patch] Introduce IntegerSanitizer in GCC.

[RFD] Extremely large alignment of read-only strings

[RFD] Insane alignment of read-only arrays

Build fails on importing gnulib

Dear Mr/Ms; I am Truong, working at Vietnam human engineering in Vietnam. Now, I am using D32 Design Studio for programming MPC5777C micro controller (GNU C Compiler 4.9). I've already made a sample inline asm code in .C file ase bellow: void set_spr ( uint32_t spr_num, uint32_t val ) { asm volalatile ("mtspr %0, %1" : :"r"(spr_num), "r"(val) ); } This code does not work correct (It should work but not work). I found out the constraints operands [:"r"(spr_num),] is not correct. I thinks it better if spr_num is be referred as a constant not a register ( ex: mtspr 120, val ). But I don't know how to revise. I also referred on https://gcc.gnu.org/onlinedocs/gcc/Constraints.html#Constraints about PowerPC but I cannot understand clearly.So, could you please help me to explain about that? If you have the instruction about "constraints for asm operands" for MPC5777C micro controller, please provide me. Thank you.

DejaGnu directive matching multiple messages on the same line

Re: Deprecating basic asm in a function - What now?

diag color

Error building GCC 6.1.0 libstdc++

GCC 4.9.4 Release Candidate available from gcc.gnu.org

GCC 4.9.4 Status Report (2016-07-18)

GCC 4.9.4 Status Report (2016-07-26), branch frozen for release

GCC 6.2?

Fwd: Re: GCC libatomic questions

GCC testsuite maintenance (was: [PATCH] Fix OpenACC vector_length parsing in fortran)


gcc-4.9-20160706 is now available

gcc-4.9-20160713 is now available

gcc-4.9-20160720 is now available

gcc-4.9-20160727 is now available

gcc-5-20160705 is now available

gcc-5-20160712 is now available

gcc-5-20160719 is now available

gcc-5-20160726 is now available

gcc-6-20160707 is now available

gcc-6-20160714 is now available

gcc-6-20160721 is now available

gcc-6-20160728 is now available

gcc-7-20160703 is now available

gcc-7-20160710 is now available

gcc-7-20160717 is now available

gcc-7-20160724 is now available

gcc-7-20160731 is now available

gcc/libcpp: non-UTF-8 source or execution encodings?

Re: How do I initialize a __complex128 variable?

Mirror out of date

Re: Missing git tags for released GCC

Need help with PR71976 combine.c::get_last_value returns a wrong result

possibly dead call from slsr_process_phi () to gimple_bb ()

Question about Cortex bit-banding feature

Re: Question about find modifiable mems

Question about fold C_MAYBE_CONST_EXPR expressions

question about illegal utf-8 encoding in string literals

Remove deprecated std::has_trivial_xxx traits

Should the build system use ar rcs instead of ranlib + ar rc?

Re: Should we import gnulib under gcc/ or at the top-level like libiberty?

SPR access

Symbian support

Thread-safety of a profiled binary (and GCOV runtime library)

Two suggestions for gcc C compiler to extend C language (by WD Smith)

ubsan and Dejagnu not having a big enough buffer in some cases

unhappiness with zero package security

Re: what does -fno-pic do

what does -fno-pic do ?

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