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Re: diag color

On 31 July 2016 at 21:54, phi gcc <> wrote:
> Why should I ? I am not a gcc designer, just humbelly reporting a

Anybody can become a GCC developer, if they want to :)

> At some point one suggested reading the source, I did it real quick,
> and it appears trivial that getenv("TERM") is wrongly processed, made point 4:
If you do not have the time/resources/people to implement your own
idea, do not expect GCC developers dropping what they are doing to
help you. Volunteers have very very limited time and paid developers
are paid to do something else. In fact, asking GCC developers to do
anything for you, no matter how trivial it seems to you, will likely
result in negative feedback. Probably it is no trivial at all.


> Now gcc team can simply trash this, but if gcc can't handle trivial
> request like this, sounds a bit scary for the future :)

Nobody is trashing anything. My intention was only to helpfully point
out the most direct route to get your issue fixed.

Speaking for myself, I don't understand what is "trivially wrong" with
the code that you mention and you didn't explain how you will fix it.
It doesn't matter to me, because even if you had explained, I don't
have enough free time to fix it for you, since it is never as trivial
as you think it is and you will never realize this until you try

But if you found a workaround that makes you happy, let's save
everybody's time and stop here :)

> bugzilla don't likes me, can't get in....
> Ok let's forget participation then...

Account creation may be disabled at the moment. We have been suffering
spam attacks lately. See



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