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Re: diag color

Well, I can't 'easilly' change the makefiles I am using, they are not
mine,meaning I would have to 'patch' any build env Makefile each time
we do a refresh of the app sources.  Then some gcc version don't
understand the -fno-diagnostics-color meaning the makefile patch would
have to be GCC version aware, that is a bit of a mess, and as you said
the vast majority use vt100, so those could have colors if they want

While a simple getenv("TERM") to setup the default of the color
predicate before going to the sequence of testing CFLAGS, et the
optargs, would cost almost nothing.

I am not convince, ethically speaking, with the 'vast majority' concept.
I am more inclined by complexity, stabililty, risk vs benefit.

Here the risk is nil, benefit very moderate ==> easy to do.

With a cancer like propagation, vast majority use gcc, that impose
vt100, then by now the vast majority got rid of term so lets remove
termcap/terminfo. Hum... I don't really like this approach.


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