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Re: [libiberty] does anyone use regex.c with REGEX_MALLOC?

On 29 July 2016 at 16:25, Jeff Law <> wrote:
>> Well, if libiberty is going to be replaced en masse by gnulib, then
>> there's no sense in me cleaning up libiberty's regex.

libiberty cannot be replaced completely, because there are bits that
do not even exist in gnulib. And given the time frame, I don't think
Ayush will have time to replace all functions that already exist in
gnulib. This will need to be an incremental process. What I expect to
achieve is that we never need to re-implement in libiberty any
function that already exists in gnulib.

>> Before I spend any more time on this, is there a plan to review Ayush's
>> work for say GCC 7?  I obviously only care about regex* right now, or
>> any alloca users in libiberty :).
> I'm not sure who's taking the lead on reviewing Ayush's work.  But I do
> expect someone will own it at some point in advance of stage1 close.

It is mostly build system bits. We need a build-system reviewer (or a
global reviewer). So far, Ayush haven't found any case that needs
upstream (gnulib) or gcc-specific changes.



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