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[RFC] lto partitioning of varpool_nodes for section anchors

I have attached a "quick and dirty" prototype patch (var-partition-1.diff),
that attempts to partition variables to reduce number of
external references and to increase usage of section-anchors
to CSE address computation of global variables.

We could put a variable in a partition that has max references for it,
however it doesn't lend itself directly to section anchor optimization.
For instance if a partition has max references for variables 'a' and 'b',
but no function in that partition references both 'a', and 'b' then AFAIU
it doesn't make any difference from section anchors perspective to have them
in same partition.

The patch tries to assign a set of variables (>= 2)
to a partition whose functions have maximum references for that set.
Functions within the partition that reference the variables
in the set can take advantage of section-anchors. Functions
referencing the variables in the set outside the partition
would need to load them as external references (using movw/movt),
however since we are placing the set in partition that has maximal
references for it, number of external references should be overall

Partitioning is gated by -flto-var-partition and enabled
only for arm and aarch64. As per previous discussion [1], I haven't
touched function partitioning. Does this approach look ok
especially regarding correctness ?
So far, I have cross-tested patch on arm*-*-*, aarch64*-*-*.

I haven't yet managed to benchmark the patch.
As a cheap measurement, I tried to measure number of external
references with and without patch by writing a small ipa pass
which is run during ltrans and simply walks over varpool nodes
and counts number of varpool_nodes for which DECL_EXTERNAL (vnode->decl) is true
and vnode->definition is 0. Is that sufficient condition to determine
if variable is externally defined ? I have attached the pass
and the comparison done with it for for SPEC2000 [2]. The entries
in "before" and "after" column contain summation of number of
external refs (total_count) across all partitions before and after applying
the patch. Does the comparison hold any merit ?
I was wondering if we could we use a better way for
measuring statically the effects of variable partitioning ?
I hope also to get done with benchmarking soon.

I have not yet figured out how to integrate it with existing cost metrics for
balanced partitioning, I am looking into that.
I would be grateful for suggestions on the patch.


[2] SPEC2000 comparison:

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