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Re: .debug_frame not generated by ARC gas

On Thursday 16 June 2016 09:44 PM, Vineet Gupta wrote:
> Hi,
> ARC Linux has an in-kernel dwarf unwinder which has historically consumed
> .debug_frame. The kernel is built with -gdwarf-2 and -fasynchronous-unwind-tables
> toggles which until recently used to generate both .debug_frame and .eh_frame -
> latter being discarded by the kernel linker script.
> With a recent ARC gas change to support asm cfi psuedo-ops - dwarf info is now
> generated by gas and NOT gcc. But more importantly, we no longer get .debug_frame
> with above 2 toggles. If we drop -fasynchronous-unwind-tables then .debug_frame is
> generated.
> So here are the questions:
> 1. Is it OK to drop -fasynchronous-unwind-tables toggle and still assume that
> "precise" unwind info will be generated (as mentioned in gnu documentation)
> 2. If not, how do we coax gas to generate .debug_frame even in presence of
> -fasynchronous-unwind-tables

Ping !
Apologies for explicit CC.  Any response would be much appreciated !


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