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Re: Deprecating basic asm in a function - What now?

On Sun, Jun 19, 2016 at 11:43 PM, David Wohlferd <> wrote:
> Perhaps this post should be directed toward port maintainers?
> Since several global maintainers have now suggested it, I have created a
> patch that deprecates basic asm when used in a function (attached).  It
> excludes (ie does not deprecate) top level asm, asm in "naked" functions,
> asm with empty instruction strings, and extended asm.
> Building gcc using this patch turns up a few places that use this feature,
> so I fixed them.  Where possible, I used builtins to replace the asm.  For
> ease-of-review, these changes are in their own patch (attached) and
> obviously this patch should be checked in first.
> But before I send these 2 off to gcc-patches, there's a problem. What about
> platforms other than x86/x64?  I don't speak other assembler languages, and
> have no setup with which to test them.
> I could try to provide patches for other platforms, but it would probably be
> faster for platform experts to just make the changes themselves, rather than
> trying to review my efforts.  Especially if they also want to move to
> builtins (which I hope they do).
> I could just send the patches and let the chips fall where they may, but if
> there's a less disruptive approach, let me know.

+   /* Acceptable.  */
+   asm (" "); /* { dg-warning "Deprecated: asm in function without
extended syntax" } */

You say it is acceptable but then have a dg-warning on it.

Also I think the other place where we should accept basic asm is for
"nop" instructions.  I have seen people use that heavily.

Note really I don't like the idea of deprecating basic asm at all.


> dw
> PS I have done a scan for uses of basic asm to get some idea of the scope of
> the remaining work.  My results:
> All basic asm in trunk: 1,105 instances.
> - Exclude 273 instances with empty strings leaving 832.
> - Exclude 271 instances for boehm-gc project leaving 561.
> - Exclude 202 instances for testsuite project leaving 359.
> - Exclude 282 instances that are (apparently) top-level leaving
> ~77 instances of basic-asm-in-a-function to be fixed for gcc builds.  Most
> of these are in gcc/config or libgcc/config with just a handful per
> platform.  Lists available upon request.
> FWIW...

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