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Re: Re: GCC 6.1 Hard-coded C++ header paths and relocation problem on Windows

On Mon, May 9, 2016 at 4:10 PM, Andrew Pinski <> wrote:
> This sounds like a good use of --with-build-sysroot instead of just
> --with-sysroot.
> I use the following for the candian cross:
> --with-sysroot=/ --with-build-sysroot=${SYSROOT}

Hi Andrew! Thanks for your comment.

I thought that --with-build-sysroot is only for cross-compiler builds?
I have to admit I'm not very clear on the way that all the
cross-compiler options are intended to be used, but I am pretty sure
that it's not relevant for my case.

I have a cross-compiler that *seems* perfectly functional, for which I specify:

--build = host
--host = host
--target = target
--with-sysroot = the sysroot dir
--with-build-sysroot = the sysroot dir

Then I'm using that compiler to build a target-native compiler
installed into the sysroot directory, for which I'm specifying:

--build = host
--host = target
--target = target
--with-local-prefix = the sysroot dir

Do you think things will work better for the target-native compiler if
I use a sysroot option for it as well?

Aside from the C++ header path lookup thing that GCC 6.1 introduced, I
haven't had any problems with the target-native compiler. (I'm able to
build at least tcl, expect, dejagnu, and perl with it already.)

Brett Neumeier (

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