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r235766 incomplete?

Hi Jan,

I just noticed the compilation errors in the attached file with
the latest trunk.  It seems as though your recent patch below may
be incomplete:

  commit 46e5dccc6f188bd0fd5af4e9778f547ab63c9cae
  Author: hubicka <hubicka@138bc75d-0d04-0410-961f-82ee72b054a4>
  Date: Mon May 2 16:55:56 2016 +0000

The following change causes compilation errors due to
ipa_find_agg_cst_for_param taking just three arguments, while it
is being called with four.  (I haven't looked into the other error.)


--- a/gcc/ipa-inline-analysis.c
+++ b/gcc/ipa-inline-analysis.c
@@ -850,7 +850,8 @@ evaluate_conditions_for_known_args (struct cgraph_node *node
          if (known_aggs.exists ())
              agg = known_aggs[c->operand_num];
-             val = ipa_find_agg_cst_for_param (agg, c->offset, c->by_ref);
+ val = ipa_find_agg_cst_for_param (agg, known_vals[c->operand_num],
+                                               c->offset, c->by_ref);
/src/gcc/66561/gcc/ipa-inline-analysis.c: In function â??clause_t evaluate_conditions_for_known_args(cgraph_node*, bool, vec<tree_node*>, vec<ipa_agg_jump_function*>)â??:
/src/gcc/66561/gcc/ipa-inline-analysis.c:854:27: error: invalid conversion from â??tree_node*â?? to â??long intâ?? [-fpermissive]
       c->offset, c->by_ref);
/src/gcc/66561/gcc/ipa-inline-analysis.c:854:27: error: too many arguments to function â??tree_node* ipa_find_agg_cst_for_param(ipa_agg_jump_function*, long int, bool)â??
In file included from /src/gcc/66561/gcc/ipa-inline-analysis.c:90:0:
/src/gcc/66561/gcc/ipa-prop.h:639:6: note: declared here
 tree ipa_find_agg_cst_for_param (struct ipa_agg_jump_function *, HOST_WIDE_INT,
/src/gcc/66561/gcc/ipa-inline.c: In function â??bool can_inline_edge_p(cgraph_edge*, bool, bool, bool)â??:
/src/gcc/66561/gcc/ipa-inline.c:341:55: error: â??CIF_THUNKâ?? was not declared in this scope
         e->inline_failed = e->caller->thunk.thunk_p ? CIF_THUNK : CIF_MISMATCHED_ARGUMENTS;

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