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gengtype: missing `tag' option (MELT branch)

Hello All,

I am busy merging the GCC trunk branch (i.e. future GCC 6) into the MELT branch & plugin.

I am noticing a strange thing.

I was able to merge GCC trunk svn rev. 227945 into the MELT branch (svn rev. 233352) without any issues.

Now, I am trying to merge into the MELT branch

svn merge -r227926:227945 ^/trunk

Notice that the merge above is quite small, and AFAIU did not touch any gengtype related stuff.

But strangely, the merged build is failing in gengtype:

build/gengtype -v \
                    -r gtype.state
gengtype reading state file gtype.state;gengtype read 1085612 bytes.
../../gcc-melt-basile/gcc/melt/generated/meltrunsup.h:256: missing `tag' option for type `gimple' ../../gcc-melt-basile/gcc/melt/generated/meltrunsup.h:265: missing `tag' option for type `gimple' ../../gcc-melt-basile/gcc/melt/generated/meltrunsup.h:256: missing `tag' option for type `gimple' ../../gcc-melt-basile/gcc/melt/generated/meltrunsup.h:265: missing `tag' option for type `gimple' ../../gcc-melt-basile/gcc/melt/generated/meltrunsup.h:256: missing `tag' option for type `gimple' ../../gcc-melt-basile/gcc/melt/generated/meltrunsup.h:265: missing `tag' option for type `gimple'
gengtype write #1   gt-go-go-lang.h
gengtype write #2   gt-jit-dummy-frontend.h
gengtype write #3   gt-c-c-decl.h
gengtype write #4   gt-cp-tree.h
gengtype write #5   gt-fortran-f95-lang.h
gengtype write #6   gtype-desc.c
gengtype write #7   gtype-lto.h
gengtype write #8   gtype-java.h
gengtype write #9   gtype-ada.h
gengtype write #10  gtype-desc.h
gengtype wrote 10 files.

Here are lines 252-267 of my gcc/melt/generated/meltrunsup.h
/*gtyctypebox gtyctyp #4 CTYPE_GIMPLE*/
struct GTY (()) meltgimple_st   /* when MELTOBMAG_GIMPLE*/
    meltobject_ptr_t discr;
    gimple val;
    operator melt_ptr_t ()
    return reinterpret_cast<melt_ptr_t>(this);
}; /* end of meltgimple_st */

struct GTY (()) entrygimplemelt_st   /* for MELTOBMAG_MAPGIMPLES*/
    gimple e_at;
    melt_ptr_t e_va;

FWIW, the gcc/melt/generated/meltrunsup.h file did not change in the MELT branch since long time ago.

Do you have any clues about what has changed in gengtype about these tag options in GCC 6? Or about the gimple type?


PS. Of course the bug is very probably in the MELT branch, but it has been a long time since I dived into gengtype. I can't figure out the error.

email: basile<at>starynkevitch<dot>net mobile: +33 6 8501 2359
8, rue de la Faiencerie, 92340 Bourg La Reine, France
*** opinions {are only mine, sont seulement les miennes} ***

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