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Re: "cc" clobber

On 2/1/2016 12:40 PM, Richard Henderson wrote:
On 02/02/2016 01:58 AM, Ulrich Weigand wrote:
I think on many targets a clobber "cc" works because the backend
actually defines a register named "cc" to correspond to the flags.
Therefore the normal handling of clobbering named hard registers
catches this case as well.


This doesn't work on i386 because there the flags register is called
"flags" in the back end.

Once upon a time i386 used cc0. A survey of existing asm showed that almost no one clobbered "cc", and that in the process of changing i386 from cc0 to an explicit flags register we would break almost everything that used asm.

The only solution that scaled was to force a clobber of the flags register.

That was 1999. I think you'll buy nothing but pain in trying to change this now.

I expect you are right. After experimenting, the cases where this might buy you any benefit are just too uncommon, and the 'benefit' is just too small.

The one place where any of this would (sort of) be useful is checking for the "cc" clobber conflicting with the output parameters. This didn't used to be a thing, but now that i386 can 'output' flags, it is. The compiler currently accepts both of these and they both produce the same code:

   asm("": "=@ccc"(x) : : );
   asm("": "=@ccc"(x) : : "cc");

I assert (pr69095) that the second one should give an error (docs: "Clobber descriptions may not in any way overlap with an input or output operand"). Creating a check for this was more challenging than I expected. I kept assuming that there 'had' to be existing code to handle cc and I could tie into it if I could only figure out where it was.

But now that I have this written, I'm still vacillating about whether it is useful. It seems like I could achieve the same result by adding "Using @cc overrides the "cc" clobber" to the docs. But hey, it also checks for duplicate "memory" and "cc" clobbers, so there's that...


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