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Re: Help about how to bootstrap gcc with local version glibc other than system one

On 02/01/2016 12:07 PM, Bin.Cheng wrote:
On Mon, Feb 1, 2016 at 6:08 PM, Andreas Schwab <> wrote:
"Bin.Cheng" <> writes:

Seems to me Andrew was right in comment of PR69559, that we simply
couldn't bootstrap GCC with sysroot.

The main use of sysroot is to build a cross compiler, which you cannot
bootstrap anyway.

My question here is: If this is the case, how should I bootstrap a gcc
against local version glibc, rather than the system one?  Is chroot
the only way to do that?

Yes, building in a chroot or a VM is the best way to do it.  For
example, that's how the openSUSE Build Service works.
Hi Andreas,
Thanks very much for helping.  I will try to do it in chroot.
Definitely what I'd recommend as well.

We do this regularly with something called "mock" on Fedora. I'm sure SuSE, Debian, Ubuntu, etc have an equivalent.

Essentially they create a chroot, populate it with build dependencies extracted from the source package, then build within the chroot. You can arrange to get a different glibc during instantiation of the chroot, or upgrade it after the chroot is fully instantiated.

I'm sure there's a way to do this with containers too.


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