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Re: [RFC PR43721] Optimize a/b and a%b to single divmod call

On 01/29/2016 12:37 AM, Richard Biener wrote:
To workaround this, I defined a new hook expand_divmod_libfunc, which
targets must override for expanding call to target-specific dimovd.
The "default" hook default_expand_divmod_libfunc() expands call to
libgcc2.c:__udivmoddi4() since that's the only "generic" divmod
Is this a reasonable approach ?

Hum.  How do they get to expand/generate it today?  That said, I'm
no expert in this area.

A simpler solution may be to not do the transform if there is no
instruction for divmod.

Are we certain that the libcall is a win for any target?

I would have expected a default of

	q = x / y
	r = x - (q * y)

to be most efficient on modern machines. Even more so on targets like ARM that have multiply-and-subtract instructions.

I suppose there's the case of the really tiny embedded chips that don't have multiply patterns either. So that this default expansion still results in multiple libcalls.

I do like the transformation, because for machines that don't have a divmod instruction, being able to strength-reduce a mod operation to a multiply operation is a nice win.


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