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Re: Help! Regarding Bug 17896

On 26 January 2016 at 03:24, Manuel LÃpez-IbÃÃez <> wrote:
> On 25 January 2016 at 20:17, Mikhail Maltsev <> wrote:
>> As I understand, the bug report suggests that we say "suggest || instead of |
>> when joining booleans" instead. We now have the API to show fix-it hints, so it
>> would be nice to output something like
>> test.c:17:21: warning: suggest || instead of | when joining booleans
>>    foo ((a == b) | b == c);
>>                  ^
>>                  ||
>> Grep 'set_fixit_hint' in the source code to see an example of it's usage.
> I think you should focus on one single very simple thing for a first
> patch, either adding fix-it hints to the existing warning or adding
> the alternative text. I would in fact suggest to add fix-it hints
> without touching anything else, since this is probably less
> controversial [*] and more straightforward. How?
> 1) Grep 'set_fixit_hint' in gcc/* gcc/cp/* gcc/c/* gcc/c-family/* and
> see how it is used.
> 2) Grep 'suggest parentheses around comparison in operand'
> 3) Run gcc under gdb and stop at the moment the warning above is given.
> 4) Figure out what you need to do to make fix-it hints work in this
> case so we give (spaces are probably messed up by gmail):
>  test.c:17:17: note: suggest parentheses around comparison in operand of '|'
>    foo ((a == b) | b == c);
>                  ^
>                    (     )
> The rest is the standard for submitting patches:
> This patch is probably a few lines, so you may not even need a
> copyright assignment. The goal of starting simple is to learn the
> process of submitting a patch without being distracted by the
> discussion about the patch itself. Once you feel confident with the
> process, you can try changing the text of the warning (but then I
> would suggest you find out first what the C/C++ maintainers want
> before implementing it). Note that another easyhack
> ( is also a matter of changing the warning
> text and the C++ maintainer already gave his blessing to the new text
> in comment  #5.
> Cheers,
> Manuel.
> [*] I don't agree with the suggestion in the bug report. I think we
> should either follow Clang here or we should say something like "&
> will evaluate the boolean expression to its right, did you mean '&&'?"
> The C/C++ maintainers may even have different opinions.

I agree with Manuel (and his comments on that we should
follow clang here and show fix-it hint "& will evaluate the boolean
expression to its right, did you mean '&&'?". That will be more clear
message than "suggest && instead of & when joining booleans".

So I am asking community for their suggestion.

Thanks and Regards,
Prasad Ghangal

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