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Re: Hi! New to GCC

On 01/21/2016 09:06 AM, Prasad Ghangal wrote:
> Thanks Mikhail,
> As you have suggested I have built gcc on my laptop and gone through
> all the videos. The videos were very informative.
> Can I use any IDE for browsing gcc source code ?
Probably. Although IDE-s might have some performance and memory usage problems,
because GCC is a fairly large project. I used Netbeans some time ago and it
worked OK in most cases. Same caveats are:
1. Almost all source code is written in C++, even though files have extension
'.c'. You should configure your IDE appropriately.
2. During build GCC generates some source code in the build directory (like
gcc/insn-*.c files), so it is probably a good idea to include build directory in
search path.

If you decide to use a text editor like vim or emacs, there are some
configuration files which set proper source code formatting options, like
contrib/lvimrc. Settings for emacs are available here:

> Should I star looking at the "easy hacks" ?
Yes, probably it's a good point to start with.

    Mikhail Maltsev

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