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Re: ipa vrp implementation in gcc

Vivek Pandya

On Mon, Jan 18, 2016 at 4:16 AM, Kugan
<> wrote:
> > Hello I am Vivek Pandya, I am actually working on a GSoC 2016 proposal
> > for his work and it is very similar to extending ipa-cp pass. I am also
> > in touch with Jan Hubicka.
> Hi Vivek,
> Glad to know that you are planning to work on this. Could you please put
> you plan in an accessible place (or post it here) so that we know what
> you plans are. That way we can work on what you are not working. And
> also possible contribute to your plan in other ways (like testing and
> reviewing).
Hello Kugan,

Actually my work will include extending the ipa-cp pass to propagate
range information and then integrating this information to improve LTO
optimizations (at-least one). But as mentioned by Jan Hubicka the real
problem is not to extend ipa-cp pass but tree-vrp it self a big task
and scheduling it at early stage will cost a performance lose.
So actually I was looking at some alternatives to Patterson's approach
and particularly I found this non iterative method: which has
already implemented in LLVM
So my plan for this is first implementing above mentioned approach
till 23 May , 2016 (My college project ) and then use this local pass
for Value range analysis and then in my GSoC 2016 project I will use
this pass for ipa-vrp pass and improving other ipa optimizations to
use this information.
Though in particular I have yet not figured implementation details.
Currently I am learning about gcc IRs.
If you have any further idea ( specially about constraints based
method ) please let me know and help building my implementation

> Thanks,
> Kugan

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