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Re: Strange C++ function pointer test

On Thu, 31 Dec 2015, Dominik Vogt wrote:

This snippet ist from the Plumhall 2014 xvs test suite:

 #if CXX03 || CXX11 || CXX14
 static float (*p1_)(float) = abs;
 checkthat(__LINE__, p1_ != 0);

(With the testsuite specific macros doing the obvious).  abs() is
declared as:

 int abs(int j)

Am I missing some odd C++ feature or is that part of the test just
plain wrong?  I don't know where to look in the C++ standard; is
this supposed to compile (with or without a warning?) or generate
an error or is it just undefined?

 error: invalid conversion from âint (*)(int) throw ()â to âfloat (*)(float)â [-fpermissive]

(Of course even with -fpermissive this won't work because (at
least on my platform) ints are passed in different registers than

There are other overloads of 'abs' declared in math.h / cmath (only in namespace std in the second case, and there are bugs (or standard issues) about having them in the global namespace for the first one).

Marc Glisse

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