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Re: basic asm and memory clobbers

On Fri, 20 Nov 2015, Richard Henderson wrote:
> I'd be perfectly happy to deprecate and later completely remove basic asm
> within functions.

We've explictly promised (directed to kernel people IIRC) that
the empty basic asm; 'asm ("")', has forward-compatible
outlining magic, so people would not have to keep adding
ever-new attributes like noinline,noclone to avoid finding their
functions "spilling over", so please exclude that.  To wit, from

@item noinline
@cindex @code{noinline} function attribute
This function attribute prevents a function from being considered for
@c Don't enumerate the optimizations by name here; we try to be
@c future-compatible with this mechanism.
If the function does not have side-effects, there are optimizations
other than inlining that cause function calls to be optimized away,
although the function call is live.  To keep such calls from being
optimized away, put
asm ("");
@end smallexample

(@pxref{Extended Asm}) in the called function, to serve as a

brgds, H-P

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