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GCC XML diagnostics

Hi all!

I'm pleased to say that two students of Lomonosov Moscow State University, Yuri
Kemaev and Pavel Adamenko decided to work on a project related to GCC and
hopefully will become new contributors.

I'll be assisting them with this project. We have chosen to work on PR19165: (machine-readable diagnostics
output). Could any of maintainers please confirm that it is still a desired
feature (the PR is marked as NEW, but just in case...)?

We are aware of GCC development schedule and thus aiming at GCC 7. Also we have
seen David's series of patches related to diagnostics and will probably work on
top of them, i.e. with those patches applied (because most of them are already

I created several test cases which exhibit various entities (such as locations
in files, includes, macro expansions, notes, etc.), which can occur in GCC
diagnostics (which are worth keeping in mind when designing the XML diagnostics

Any advices about other test cases which are worth taking into account and the
format itself?

    Mikhail Maltsev

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