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GCC Compiler shown on OpenMP Compilers web site

Dear GCC development team,

Richard and I working on updating the OpenMP Compilers Support page at Our goal is to have the updated information from vendors published on the web site by SC15 (Nov 15) and to also update regularly in the future.

Currently, it shows for GCC Compiler as:
GNU  gcc
Free and open source - Linux, Solaris, AIX, MacOSX, Windows OpenMP 3.1 is supported since GCC 4.7 GCC OpenMP Wiki Compile with -fopenmp GCC OpenMP Manual More information

(Notice some of above have links)

Could you please review and update?  We are also looking for some specific descriptions for the versions you support, such as:

-- From compiler versions xxx, OpenMP 3.1 is fully supported (or mostly supported except  features p1, p2, p3, ...);
-- From compiler versions yyy, OpenMP 4.0 is fully supported (or mostly supported except features z1, z2, z3, ...).
-- Specific links for user guide, OpenMP tools, or other information. (prefer these over very high level web pages that users have to navigate forever and still get lost)

Helen He and Richard Friedman

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