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Re: inline asm and multi-alternative constraints

On 10/30/2015 09:09 PM, David Wohlferd wrote:

I have updated the non-md text with (most of) the changes I think it
needs (attached).  These changes are pleasantly minor, mostly just
adding some example text and a bit of formatting.

However.  Trying to actually use the information on this page is turning
up some problems.
I think the fundamental problem here is we ought not be exposing those modifiers to the user. They're inherently tied to the details of the register allocation and reloading passes.

First, it could use a bit more clarity in the text that describes how
gcc chooses among the alternatives.  There are apparently 3 criteria
that affect this decision: # of statements needed to copy params, order
of alternatives, and flags.  But it appears that they aren't all
weighted equally.  For example no number of '?' seem to be able to
override an alternative that causes a reload (change the example below
to use eax instead of ebx).  But before I try to re-phrase this
paragraph, I'm hoping someone can provide more details.  What exactly
are the rules here?
Probably more complex than anyone could put in a couple pages of text. You're in the realm of some of the most complex code in GCC.

Second, attempting to use ! and $ isn't working the way the docs led me
to expect (actually, I can't make them work at all).  Starting with this
(contrived) i386 code, gcc selects the second alternative (using -O2 for
x64).  This makes sense to me.
?? is not the same as !

In fact, no documented number of ?s are equivalent to a !. More than one ! is meaningless.

A "reload" has a very specific meaning and unless someone is intimately familiar with the inner workings of GCC a definition of a reload isn't going to make any sense. Worse yet, some ports don't use "reload" anymore, but the new code still supports ? and ! to some degree for compatibility's sake.

We ought to bury those modifiers into the developer manual and avoid them in the user manual completely.


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