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Re: gnat 4.9.2 on arm with rtems

Am Sunday 25 October 2015, 18:13:53 schrieb Arnaud Charlet:
> > After rtems initialization a thread is created which calls the gnat_main
> > function and then runs the rts and the task.
> > What I see so far is that after the hello_tasks delays itself the
> > Complete_Master procedure (s-tassta.adb:444) is called, but with
> > Self_Id set to the Id of the hello_task.
> > The call finishes and the runtime is cleaned before the task if able to wake
> > up.
> > If I debug the same program on my desktop pc  Complete_Master is called with
> > the Id of the main task. It then notices that it has to wait for its  dependent
> > task (hello_task), sleeps until it finishes and  only then terminates the
> > runtime.
> > 
> > I would like to know from where Complete_Master is called to break there and
> > find out why it uses the wrong id.
> Why don't you simply put a breakpoint on Complete_Master?

That's how I found out about the wrong/weird Self_Id.

> You can also build hello.adb with the -gnatD switch to debug at the code
> expansion level where you'll see the call to Complete_Master.

Thank you, that option helps a lot. Will check out the generated code tomorrow.


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