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Re: Proposed doc update for Explicit Reg Vars 3/3

On 10/22/2015 01:38 AM, David Wohlferd wrote:

An updated Local Register Variables patch is attached with the changes
discussed.  It also includes removing the extra space after '.' that
Segher has been giving me grief about and Jeff's request re Globals:

 > Signaling that this stuff may change and that we'd like better
solutions for certain issues is, IMHO, worth keeping.  Please keep it.

I remain unconvinced that this text is useful for compiler-users, and it
seems odd to keep gcc's todo list in the user documentation. But I trust
your judgement, so I have restored the verbatim text to the global page
(at the bottom).
Thanks. I'll fix the whitespace problem and commit it to the trunk momentarily.

Nobody has commented on (register variable
with template function).  While I'm updating the page, is this a
limitation of Local Register Variables that should be doc'ed?
Your call -- folks will be switching from a development to a bugfixing
mindset shortly as the gcc6 development window closes. Hopefully
someone will take a look at this particular issue at that time.

Ahh.  I assumed that with your Jedi mind powers, you would just 'know'
whether this was fixable.  I'll just wait to see what happens.
If it weren't for the C++ template aspect I probably would "just know".

So, this pretty much finishes all the code and doc changes I wanted to
do to gcc.  While doing this work, I have found a number of bugzilla
entries where it looks like the needed work has already been done
(sometimes by the doc changes I've been sending), but the bug hasn't yet
been resolved.  While I can add comments, bugzilla won't let me resolve
them or I would update them myself.

When people are in bug-fixing mode seems like the right time to pursue
this.  How will I know when it's time?  Is there a web page?
Hmm, if there's some you think ought to be closed, feel free to comment on them and pass along their IDs. I can review and close as appropriate.

Or I can ask around and find out what the current procedure is for getting you more privileges in bugzilla. Your call on that.

As for when the shift occurs to bugfixing, it's usually in early/mid November each year. That also happens the be the deadline for development patches to have been posted for review, hence most folks are busy trying to wrap up their development work.


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