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Re: Proposed doc update for Explicit Reg Vars 1/3

On 10/20/2015 10:14 PM, David Wohlferd wrote:
Abot the patches themselves...  Hard to review again, sigh...

I know, and I'm sorry.

I just can't see any way to completely re-org the text without the patch
becoming a nightmare.  I was hoping the html links would make that
easier, but I guess not.  On the plus side, Explicit reg vars is the
last section I plan to do this to.  I appreciate you taking the time.
I think the html links helped.

I did keep a small amount of intro on the the menu page.  If you feel
there's more that we should keep, I'm certainly willing to re-visit
this.  Perhaps after we resolve the local/global stuff so we know what
we really want to say.

Jeff has already checked in the patch for this menu page
I think what's left is fine. About all we really want to do is vector folks to one of the two pages. One could argue that we should just drop the intro page and pull up the local/global subpages a level. But if we do that, then we're going to have a harder time vectoring the reader to the right place.

 (but not the
Local or Global subpages), so you can see what I've left here on the gcc
Right. I wanted to see final consensus, particularly on the Local page and what we're ready to commit to there. I think the global page was close, but may have needed one more minor iteration.

Lastly, if some external website is linking to "Explicit Reg Vars", what
do we want to have happen now that we have renamed that to "Explicit
Register Variables"?  Should the link just fail?  I've added the @anchor
so it doesn't, but I'm not sure that's the standard for gcc.  Who should
I be asking?
Not sure if there's really a policy for external links into the documentation. Leaving an @anchor seems like the nice/wise thing to do.


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