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Re: avr-rtems broken on trunk -- need advice

On Mon, 12 Oct 2015, Jeff Law wrote:

> In the interest of keeping my sanity, I'd just change that last default value
> to something like "unknown type error" or somesuch.   But I'm sure there's a
> better way.  Suggestions?

The *right* fix is both of the following (either would suffice on its own 
for the present problem but the desired end state is for both to be done):

* These target macros turn into hooks (maybe hooks that take a width 
parameter, a signedness parameter and one saying which set of stdint.h 
types is involved, rather than one per macro).

* These macros / hooks (including relating ones such as SIZE_TYPE) return 
enums rather than strings (with a suitably chosen value meaning "no such 
type" - probably itk_none if enum integer_type_kind is used).

Conversion of target macros to hooks is a pretty general solution for any 
sort of issue with target-specific warnings related to the definition of a 
target macro.  Converting to enums would avoid the problem call to strlen 
(and the need for the Fortran front-end to have its own logic for handling 
type name strings like this - see trans-types.c:get_typenode_from_name - 
to implement the bindings to C types).

Joseph S. Myers

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