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Commit: MSP430: Add support for more MCUs

Hi Guys,

  I am applying the attached patch to add support for more MSP430 MCUs
  to the MSP430 target.  The names and data have been copied directly
  from the the latest devices.csv file released by TI.

  The patch also updates the documentation on the MSP430's -mmcu option
  to note that if the MCU name is not recognised the compiler will
  assume that is only supports the MSP430 instruction set, and that it
  does not have any hardware multiply support.
  Tested with no regressions on an msp430-elf toolchain.


2015-10-12  Nick Clifton  <>

	* config/msp430/msp430.c (msp430_mcu_names): Rename to
	msp430_mcu_data, add fields for ISA and hardware multiply
	support.  Import latest data from the devices.csv file.
	(msp430_override_option): Use the data from the new array.
	(msp430_use_f5_series_hwmult): Likewise.
	(use_32bit_hwmult): Likewise.
	(msp430_no_hwmult): Likewise.
	* config/msp430/t-msp430 (MULTILIB_MATCHES): Add matches for new
	MCU names.
	* doc/invoke.texi (MSP430 Options): Note that if the MCU name is
	not recognised then no hardware multiply support is assumed and
	that only the MSP430 ISA is allowed.

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