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Understanding GCC test results published by SUSE


SUSE performs periodic testing of GCC and publishes the results on their site: (many thanks for this great job!).

I'm trying to perform some analysis of these results and asking for help with
understanding them. I would be grateful, if you answer some of my questions:

1. For SPEC benchmarks there are update logs (e.g.
which allow to see which revision of GCC was used in the test. For other
benchmarks there is only date
( Is it possible to
extract the revision number? Or, is it the same for all tests run on a specific
test server during one day?
2. What does the number after date mean (i.e. what is "34228681" in
3. There was (is?) a bug which caused the string "FILESIZE:" to be output into
test results. (see, for example, Is it fixed now?
4. What are the columns for Tramp3D benchmark? (the comment in the beginning is
somewhat obsolete: lots of new columns were added).
5. Likewise, for libstdc++ benchmark.

    Mikhail Maltsev

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