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Re: Missing dependency in Ada build?

On 07/10/15 18:33, Eric Botcazou wrote:
So it looks like there are two problems here:
(1) xsinfo not terminating;
(2) a missing dependency, that the g++ steps should depend upon the step
producing sinfo.h (i.e. the mv that comes after problem (1))

I'm going to look at (1), but I'm hoping someone more familiar with the Ada
build system might be able to help with regards to (2)....?

Try to replace $(GNAT1_ADA_OBJS) with $(GNAT1_OBJS) in the line:

# When building from scratch we don't have dependency files, the only thing
# we need to ensure is that the generated files are created first.
$(GNAT1_ADA_OBJS) $(GNATBIND_OBJS): | $(ada_generated_files)

in ada/gcc-interface/

Yes, that fixes the dependency problem; the build waits for the xsinfo to terminate. This at least makes it easy to Ctrl-C and try again. Are we aware of any reason why *not* to make that change?

The hang in xsinfo appears to be miscompilation when the host compiler is gnat-4.8 (on ARM), whereas gnat-4.6 succeeds. I'm going to try again with later versions (4.9/5.0/etc.)...

Thanks, Alan

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