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aarch64-suse-linux-gnu: libgomp.oacc-c-c++-common/abort-1.c, libgomp.oacc-c-c++-common/abort-3.c FAILs (was: Results for 6.0.0 20151002 (experimental) [trunk revision 228367] (GCC) testsuite on aarch64-suse-linux-gnu)

Hi Andreas!

On Fri, 02 Oct 2015 13:58:55 +0200, Andreas Schwab <> wrote:
> LAST_UPDATED: Fri Oct  2 02:31:25 UTC 2015 (revision 228367)
> Native configuration is aarch64-suse-linux-gnu

> 		=== libgomp tests ===
> Running target unix
> FAIL: libgomp.oacc-c/../libgomp.oacc-c-c++-common/abort-1.c -DACC_DEVICE_TYPE_host=1 -DACC_MEM_SHARED=1 output pattern test
> FAIL: libgomp.oacc-c/../libgomp.oacc-c-c++-common/abort-3.c -DACC_DEVICE_TYPE_host=1 -DACC_MEM_SHARED=1 output pattern test
> FAIL: libgomp.oacc-c++/../libgomp.oacc-c-c++-common/abort-1.c -DACC_DEVICE_TYPE_host=1 -DACC_MEM_SHARED=1 output pattern test
> FAIL: libgomp.oacc-c++/../libgomp.oacc-c-c++-common/abort-3.c -DACC_DEVICE_TYPE_host=1 -DACC_MEM_SHARED=1 output pattern test

Can you please show me what's in libgomp.log?

Based on testing reports posted on <>, but
only with your native aarch64-suse-linux-gnu configuration, these FAILs
started to appear after my recent patch:

The two regressed test cases use __builtin_printf instead of fprintf to
stderr, but as far as I know, abort is to flush all open streams before
process termination?  (And it doesn, in some quick testing I've just done
-- but I'm not set up to run the libgomp testsuite myself.)

> 		=== libgomp Summary ===
> # of expected passes		4086
> # of unexpected failures	4
> # of expected failures		4
> # of unsupported tests		239

> Compiler version: 6.0.0 20151002 (experimental) [trunk revision 228367] (GCC) 
> Platform: aarch64-suse-linux-gnu
> configure flags: --prefix=/usr --build=aarch64-suse-linux --enable-shared --with-system-zlib CFLAGS='-O2 -g' CXXFLAGS='-O2 -g'


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