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Re: does "assign_stack_local" from "function.h" automatically Do The Right Thing with debug information? [relates to the RTL-level if-conversion improvement project]

On 09/23/2015 02:56 PM, Abe wrote:
Dear all,


I have a prototype of a "New And Improved" RTL-level if-conversion, and
it goes through "make check"
without any new regressions [on AMD64 GNU/Linux, Ubuntu 14.04.3 LTS] and
can pass the bootstrap
stage2-to-stage3 comparison [same platform] *_if_* I prevent the
"bootstrap-debug" value for
BUILD_CONFIG from being automatically chosen, e.g. via
"--with-build-config=bootstrap=time" during
configuration.  With the default "BUILD_CONFIG=bootstrap-debug", it
fails at the comparison stage.
The stage0/system compiler is plain-vanilla GCC 5.2, compiled by myself
[bootstrapped IIRC].
I have spot-checked manually that the file pairs of the
comparison-mismatch object filenames are,
in fact, different for at least one such filename, using the
"--preserve" option of "contrib/compare-debug".
In at least many [if not all] such pairs, the file size is actually


I wonder if "assign_stack_local" from "function.h" automatically Does
The Right Thing with debug information?
Especially, does it cause the debug information, if any, for stack-frame
size to be updated accordingly?
If not, then would switching to "assign_stack_temp" be very likely to
solve the problem?
Neither inherently affects debug information. So if one is working and the other not, there's a deeper problem elsewhere.


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